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2011-02-26 03:30 pm
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Writer's Block: Round and round

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Mozart " Eine kleine Nachtmusik" Allegro

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2010-09-24 03:11 am
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Writer's Block: Last call

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See the Packers play one last time & go to France
The rest is private
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2010-06-04 07:54 pm

new comm

[ profile] rainbowplayland

if anyone likes random crap and getting picked on, this comm's for you.
It can be quite amusing.

That's all I got Bee.
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2007-09-02 09:33 am

A little montage of my caps

Please join my screen capture community: [ profile] capaholic if you see anything you like!
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2006-12-16 01:56 am

I want to start keeping this as a more personal journal

From now on, I will not post caps in this journal.
They will all be posted in [ profile] capaholic, you should join so you can see the caps, you have come to know and love.

I want to start keeping this as a more personal journal, so I hope you understand.

Thank you for your understanding and Vive Le [ profile] capaholic

If you want to be friends anyways, you can still comment. But no more caps will be had here, just in the comm.

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